Robert Hamill

Poem Concepts Are Intuitive – Original Version

Deduction always right,
Yet limited by missing facts
To rigid lands already explored.
Intuition soars to truth
Beyond the facts
Yet flies above tainted lands.

Concepts full-blown crowd the intuitive mind
Strung together like beads on a rosary
Spoken, linked by reflexive verbs, logic follows.

Patterns tantalizingly incomplete
Allow for almost facts and strange comparisons

Healthy we use the best of both
Intuitive to go beyond
Deductive to come back
To and from
Until best fit
Or time demands decision now.

Challengingly we range from
Don’t bother me with details
To everything is blank-or-white.

Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
Isabella reigned at court.
Some must soar,
Others must correct,
That all may benefit.


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